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Whisky Casks

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Fine wine has traditionally been the more “front page” investment proposition within the beverage sector. However, there is now growing evidence of a significant trend towards investing in private whisky casks.

Similar to fine wine, holding whisky as an investment rather than enjoying it may be unthinkable for some. However, the historical and predictive long term appreciation in the value of whisky casks presents an attractive proposition to many. Unlike wine, whisky only ages in the cask prior to being bottled and as such, arguably its innate value is far more related to its age rather than many other single factor.  


No two casks are the same as the age, maturation rate and the materials/methods used within the private whisky cask industry can vary considerably. Beyond the investment, there are also other factors to take into consideration such as storage, bottling, labelling and taxes (if applicable). As these may seem overwhelming to some, it is common for a group of whisky-loving investors to pool together, hence spreading the cost.  

Here at Altvest, we ensure our clients get access to only the highest quality whisky casks along with with some of the very best fluid to fill them. We carefully curate the partners that we work with ensuring the provision of state of the art storage, insurance and management.  


Whether you’re seeking a single showpiece or are looking to blend an existing portfolio, speak with us to find out more about the unique and highly sought after whisky casks we have to offer.

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