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Investing in Scotch Whisky Casks

Why Invest in Whisky?

Scotch Whisky casks have become a hot topic in the world of investing recently, with the asset offering solid double digit returns to investors. Distilleries, Scotch, barrels and hogsheads are on many an investors lips at present.

Though questions we are often asked are “how do I invest in Whisky?”, “is it easy to invest in rare Whisky?” or “how do I select which Whisky to invest in?”. The short answer is that if you want to invest in maturing Whisky Casks, speak with the right partners to assist, advise, guide you and answer any questions you may have along your Whisky investment journey.

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Any investor looking to invest in Scotch Whisky casks must do their due diligence and engage the correct partners to assist them, as there are numerous factors to consider. To access the market, a partner with the appropriate knowledge, regulatory licenses, access to investment grade casks at the right price are all paramount to unlocking the growth which maturing Scotch Whisky casks offer investors.

There are several topics which you must consider before investing in Scotch Whisky, namely the Whisky you are investing in (distillery, region and age of the spirit), the wood (known as the cask or sometimes barrel) which can be of varying sizes, quality and type, and most importantly, the price at which you invest.

Here at Altvest Capital Partners, we have extensive experience in managing investment portfolios to deliver exceptional returns for our clients, with a strong focus on Single Malt Scotch Whisky. We have key partnerships with key industry partners offer investors exclusive access to the best quality, investment grade Scotch Whisky casks, held safely and securely in Scottish bonded warehouses and in adherence with Scotch Whisky Regulations. We offer a fully managed solution to suit investors of all kinds access the growth, enjoyment and excitement which Whisky offers, whether you are looking to enter the market as an individual investor from as little as a few thousand pounds, looking to build a robust Whisky portfolio or though to institutional investors looking to diversify their portfolios. We have many satisfied clients who are happy to share their experiences, why not have a look here (hyperlinked).

With bases in both the UK and Singapore we work with clients across the globe, so rest assured whether you’re based in London, Singapore, Hong Kong, New York, Cape Town or Amsterdam, Altvest can help you invest in your favourite dram!

Download our Whisky Investment e-guide below or contact us to find out more.

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