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Classic & Supercars

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Interest in classic cars has grown tremendously over recent years, driven by the mounting enthusiasm of the rising number of aficionados coupled with the realisation that historic cars have clearly become a popular and viable asset class. With the rise in prices that premium cars command coupled with the emotional attachment many investors have with specific brands or eras, it is no surprise that appreciation in the value of classic cars has not only kept up but even surpassed that of other real or alternative assets. An ever-increasing number of savvy investors are now seeking collectable cars to diversify their portfolios, generate real returns and perhaps even drive on the odd occasion.

Like many other alternative asset classes, supply and demand are huge factors to consider with classic automobiles. Experience shows that one of the key motivators for buyers is a fondness towards cars that were popular during their youth or early adulthood. As time passes, the supply of pristine condition models diminishes, driving prices up for those looking to purchase a particular car and take a trip down memory lane. While investing in classic cars is an attractive proposition for an enthusiast, as with all alternative investment classes, it should always be part of a larger investment portfolio.

Speak to us today to learn more about how you can diversify your portfolio while pursuing a passion for classic cars.

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