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Rare Coins

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The Fintech revolution continues to encroach and envelope the asset spectrum. As this phenomenon evolves even the most rare and historically inaccessible assets will become widely available to the masses via tokenisation and other forms of fractional ownership. As with all finite assets, this revolution will push the price of rare coins ever higher.


Few people are aware of the opportunities within the rare coin market and even fewer have the knowledge or expertise to enter this highly secure and lucrative market. The recent record economic stimulus compounded by mounting fears of inflation means there has never been a better time to enter the rare coin market.

Fuelled by the experience of the Global Financial Crisis, savvy investors have sought the refuge and growth this dynamic asset class has to offer. Through our unparalleled partnerships, we are able to facilitate access to this market, circumventing the typically high barriers to entry whilst avoiding the usual costly mistakes. There are many reasons why people collect real assets, passion, nostalgia, status and as a store of value. Collectables that have stood the test of time and remained in mint condition intrinsically increase in value especially if their rarity can be proven.

As with most real assets/collectables, there are factors that affect their value. With regard to rare coins these factors include Popularity, Rarity, Condition, Historical Reference and Aesthetic Beauty. Knowing how to attribute each of the factors to a specific specimen is crucial in determining its current and prospective value.


It should be stressed that, unlike other real assets, there are two organisations that officially authenticate rare coins. For the past 30 years the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and the Numismatic Guarantee Corporation (NGC) have been the recognised global leaders in rare coin authentication. Their services include authentication and condition assessment, referred to as grading. Coins are assigned a condition between 0-70, referred to as the Sheldon scale (established by Dr. William Sheldon in 1849). The higher the grade, the better the quality, which plays a significant role for the overall value of the coin. 


Whilst this market is still relatively obscure, growth in the Fintech space coupled with the ever increasing demand for real and rare assets is cultivating a growing interest towards rare coins. Even without the current shift in digitisation, the sector has a 125 year track record of consistent price appreciation and wealth protection.


Here at Altvest, we have formed close working relationships with the best coin sources and sellers in the industry. This enables us to offer our clients exclusive and lucrative coins which cant be found elsewhere. Contact us today to learn about the benefits this unique asset class can bring to your investment portfolio.

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