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Investing in Real Estate

Real Estate remains one of the most popular and revered types of investment and has continually evolved, currently accessible in various forms. From standard residential property purchases, direct buy-to-let, commercial & industrial property development, off-plan projects, life tenancy as well as specifically tailored property centric financial instruments such as loan notes, syndicates and REITS.


Although primarily seen as an excellent store of value, we’ve all heard the saying “nothing’s safer than bricks and mortar”, property can generate significant and sustainable income and capital growth. Investors no longer need to rely on sizable capital outlays of long term mortgages to participate in the expanding global property arena.


Savvy investors have learnt to not just limit their attention to local residential properties, but instead, have sought out international growth opportunities both within residential and commercial property projects/vehicles. These opportunities routinely offer significant growth, reduced investment timeline and increased tax efficiency.​


Fundamentally, there are three core objectives when it comes to investing in property:

1) Steady returns: Often seen as a Safe-haven, real estate offers steady capital growth and consistent yields, typically much easier to forecast than financial markets.

2) Diversification and low volatility: Property is less affected by shorter-term economic conditions or market fluctuations and retains its inherent asset value.

3)    An asset to build upon: Property investments produce both regular income and capital gain, providing a store of value and a longer-term inflation hedge.​


At Altvest, we work with exclusive partners who have unparalleled track records in providing access to the finest international opportunities across the commercial and residential property spectrum. Our reach incorporates the well-established property markets such as the UK, Australia, USA and developed Mainland Europe through to emerging property markets such as Eastern Europe and Asia.


Whether you’re looking to invest in a property for the long term or simply want to take advantage of the growth opportunities available with a shorter-term “hands-off” investment, we ensure our end-to-end solution is tailored to your needs. Speak with us today to find out how we can help and discuss the various options available.

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