Investing in the World of Art

Why Invest in Art?

Investing in art is a practice that is centuries old, traditionally only accessible for the most wealthy of individuals to satisfy their tastes and bring some beauty to their stately homes.


Over the year’s art investment has grown in popularity with Galleries and Fairs offering a spectrum of art pieces and collectables to the wider market, the options for accumulating art as an investment are growing. Fine Art is an attractive investment proposition though it is important to understand both some key considerations and what investing in art entails.

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Firstly investors need to define their niche and determine the forms of art they are interested in. From oil to acrylic paintings, sculptures and photography, each medium appeals to a different audience and from an investment perspective will subsequently be subject to the nuances of that specific segment of the market. Understanding this will influence the type of artwork an investor will own.

Art is a very tangible and visible medium; it provides a sensory experience that few assets can parallel, evoking discussion and a feeling of satisfaction as well as the proven potential for significant growth in underlying value.  

Here at Altvest Capital Partners, we have over 30 years collective experience in managing investment portfolios to deliver exceptional returns for our clients,  we have formed close working relationships with both promising artists and renowned galleries to offer an array of artwork to appeal to every investor’s “palette”. Let us help you take the first step in understanding the world of art and the benefits of adding this unique asset class can bring to your investment portfolio. We offer a fully managed solution to suit investors of all kinds access the growth, enjoyment and excitement which Art offers. Whether you are looking to enter the market as an individual investor from as little as a few thousand pounds, looking to build a robust Art portfolio or are an institutional investor looking to diversify their portfolios, Altvest can assist, guide and advise you.

With bases in both the UK and Singapore we work with clients across the globe, so rest assured whether you’re based in London, Singapore, Hong Kong, New York, Cape Town or Amsterdam, Altvest can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Altvest offer advice on which artists to invest in?

Yes, we work with select international galleries to offer clients exclusive access to some of the best artists on the art scene, as well as blue chip household name artists. We pride ourselves on offering investors trusted advice on emerging, established and blue chip art investments.

What kind of artists do you invest in?

Art is an emotive investment and as such, we don’t limit ourselves to any genre, medium or locale when selecting art as an investment. Our portfolio of artists cover every genre from graffiti artists to contemporary portrait artists and beyond. We find that each client has their own preference when it comes to subject, medium, style and as such we offer options across the spectrum to offer options which are both aesthetically and financially pleasing to each client.

Are the artworks stored securely or can I have them delivered to my home to enjoy?

Artworks can either be held securely in specialist storage in the UK, or delivered and expertly installed to you at your home or office. We will discuss these options with you when selecting pieces and ultimately, the best location to keep them will be based on your own preferences and goals. If you are looking to art as a pure investment, having the works stored in controlled conditions, available to be presented at future exhibitions or shows is generally beneficial, cost effective and ultimately offers the best returns. However, if you would like to enjoy the works and view the process as more of a possession than an investment asset, you may prefer to have the works delivered to you to enjoy daily.

Are artworks insured?

If artworks are held in storage then they are insured at the facility. If you are having the works delivered to you then separate insurance would need to be arranged by you.

How much do artworks generally cost?

Prices vary massively dependent on a number of factors, such as artist, size of the piece and medium. Emerging artists can offer opportunities with relatively low entry levels starting from around £2,000, though more established and blue chip artists entry levels can be significantly higher. As a guide, we can create portfolios to suit investment levels from around £20,000 and work with each client to create bespoke portfolios to fit each specific client.

What are the general investment returns and timeframe?

As a guide, for emerging artists we regularly see returns in the region of 20-30% over an 18-24 month period. Blue chip art can vary significantly though a base expectation should be in the range of between 5-10% per annum.

I know what I’m looking to buy, can you source art specifically to my requirements?

Yes, we have access to thousands of artworks through galleries across the globe. Get in touch with our team if you are looking for a specific artist or type of artwork and we’ll be happy to discuss.

I’m looking for something special, can Altvest commission an artwork specifically for me where I can be involved in the creative process?

Yes. Our close relationships with certain artists offer the opportunity to have specific works commissioned. Whether you’re looking for a family portrait in a unique style, or would like a work with a certain aesthetic of your choice, it is possible to have this created specifically for you. Get in touch with our team to find out more and discuss further.

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