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Emerging Art

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Here at Altvest we have formed close working relationships with both promising artists and renowned galleries to offer an array of artwork to appeal to every investor’s “palette”. Let us help you take the first step in understanding the world of art and the benefits of adding this unique asset class can bring to your investment portfolio.

Investing in artwork is a remarkably rewarding opportunity, one that benefits both the investor and the artist. In addition to being an exciting asset with which to diversify your portfolio, art investment is also a potentially lucrative endeavour

It is well documented that the volume of sales within the art market is growing! the number of individual transactions recorded in 2019 reached a decade high of over 40 million pieces being sold. Recent studies and analysis have also indicated that pieces of Artwork are typically disconnected from political commentary and wider financial variables, such as the stock market, this makes art a particularly appealing asset class for seasoned and beginner investors

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