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Blue-Chip Art

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Investing in art is a practice that is centuries old, traditionally only accessible for the most wealthy of individuals to satisfy their tastes and bring some beauty to their stately homes..

Art is a very tangible and visible medium; it provides a sensory experience that few assets can parallel, evoking discussion and a feeling of satisfaction as well as the proven potential for significant growth in underlying value.  

Blue-Chip Art refers to the more established artists and their work, think Picasso, Cezanne, Rembrandt and names such as Warhol and Bansky. Blue-Chip art has proven its resilience to the global economic crisis. Blue-Chip art is a fantastic addition to any investor's portfolio.

Here at Altvest we have formed close working relationships with galleries all over the world to offer an array of artwork to appeal to every investor’s “palette”. Let us help you take the first step in understanding the world of art and the benefits of adding this unique asset class can bring to your investment portfolio.

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